About Me

Hey guys, welcome to my path!

I am Nicoletta, I was born in an amazing and cozy land such as Emilia Romagna (Italy) and I am currently living in the other side of the English channel.. in United Kingdom.

Life’s passionate and ready to accept new challenges, I decided to totally change my days view and apply myself in something crazy; a secret desire, grown inside me and today, realized: my OWN blog.

I worked several years in some of the most famous Hotels in the Adriatic Coast, I left a prestigious job and then… the big jump, to follow my heart.

At the beginning, the impact was quite tough, different language, different mentality, different food, weather extremely different… but after 5 years, I am totally happy of what I “found” on this land, as much as I improved as person and I can still (and I have to) dare.

I would like to mention a quote of the extraordinary Roberto Benigni, that contains in few lines a huge truth:

Start a new journey scares us,
but after each step we realize
how dangerous it was standing still.

I had the opportunity to taste a bit of world and every time the bite was even more appetizing, a marvelous sensation of living a parallel and unknown reality – until that moment.

This is what I want to share with you: the insatiable hungry for the research and discovery of everything outside our own view.

The travel begins.. happy life to all of you, with love.

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