About Us

To you dear reader, “WELCOME” to our path!

My name is Nicoletta, I was born in a delightful and welcoming region such as Emilia Romagna, in Italy, where I lived my adolescence and part of my “20” years.

Full of life and initiative, I left a stable family and work reality to follow my heart and together with my partner I flew to the United Kingdom where we lived for 7 years.

Living abroad has been extremely important for our personal and professional growth, we left our “comfort zone” and hand in hand we began to discover a bit of world.

This blog represents our project of sharing adventures, anecdotes, curiosities that have left an imprint on our path, hence the name of the blog “seize the path”.

Matteo, my partner, captures in photos everything I express best on paper and so, in a “family” collaboration, we create these posts with the hope that they can be food for thought and an encouragement to discover a bit the world.

In 2019 we returned to our homeland and we became 3, we had our firstborn, the greatest joy of our life. And so, between a laugh and a diaper change, I continue to write while Matteo takes care of the photographic part of the blog.

Good life to everyone,

Nicoletta & Matteo

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