Meaningful blossom

There are millions of different species, sometimes their colours are tinged with rainbow, sometimes they are so intense that they remember us the night.. they are among us and remind us that even among the cracks in the asphalt a flower can be born.

Be tenacious like the daisies that grow climbing the walls, be narcissus, lovers of your inner beauty, choose to be the tulip that grows in the midst of violets, leave the patterns, be the best version of yourself.

Whatever type of flower you are, blossom in your beauty, whether it is aesthetic or interior it does not matter.. always be yourself, in your essence, this will be true beauty. Flowers have always caught my attention, I find nature a wonderful masterpiece and the insects that land on them, a gift!

Each flower has its own individuality, its own beauty, some smell of summer and some are born in winter as a prodigy among the frozen ground. I believe that flowers are masters of life, fruits of love that in turn give life.. let’s think for example to insects that, feeding on their nectar, carry some pollen elsewhere, in an infinite life pattern.

So, thinking about all this, we begin to understand the meaning of their colours and their scents, it is in fact thanks to these characteristics that these millions of species are able to captivate the attention of insects.. and then I tell you: spread scent of love and be coloured with humanity, be millions, billions of incredible flowers that attract life to themselves!

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