Like a Flamingo

Some time ago I was watching a documentary by the talented David Attenborough which talked about pink flamingos. Flawless in his narration, among the various curiosities, I was particularly struck by the story of the colour of their plumage.

In fact, the pink flamingo is born with white/grey plumage and only through its diet based on shrimps and other small living creatures, over time, becomes a bright pink colour. My sensitive soul immediately made me draw a parallel with man.

I was thinking about the innocence with which each of us is born and how it is transformed over the years by “suffering” events, news, feelings.

A transformation also takes place in man which, unlike the one of the flamingo, manifests itself primarily in the construction of his own character.

The colour of our skin remains the same, what changes is the soul that supports it. We are influenced by every gesture, thoughts, even by the way we speak and look.

The pink flamingo is aware that if he does not arrive at the mating season with a vivid pink colour, he will not be able to participate to the dances.. the man knows that if his thought does not meet the standards, he will find obstacles in his path.

So I tell you my dear readers, dance like pink flamingos, united, proud, dance with your thoughts, dance with your eyes, dance forgetting the time.. dance for yourself, full of love more than ever, full of positive thoughts, dance, whether it is time of loving or freedom.

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