Holy imperfection

Being able to capture moments of pure beauty is a rare thing.. each of us has a different sense of beauty, an absolute concept that is independent by conformity.

And then, there are the objectively “perfect” moments, those in which the time seems to stop at the right moment to let you make that “click” that will remain forever. Photographing a butterfly that lands on a flower without flapping the wings or moving its antenna is one of those “clicks” given to the future.

These colourful insects teach us so much, they intrigue with their features and their light flights.. I have always wondered if this lightness corresponds also to their lightness of being..

But what is the meeting point between the photographer’s intention and the viewer’s satisfaction? A shot can be “perfect” of light, pose, colour, but still not getting straight to the heart. Each of us looking at a photo, a moving image or listening to a clip, finds a little bit of their past, of their present or imagines a little bit of their future and playing these invisible strings of the soul, recognizes a little of himself and expresses satisfaction.

What is fascinating is that what may be “perfect” for someone, may not be for someone else, this is probably the most accurate definition of “perfection” that we seek in a shot: the diversity that dresses “perfection”, the same that is already within each of us.

Good flight to you dear readers, may you always be “perfect” with all your imperfections.

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