My dear Hazel..

Birmingham was the first foreign city I lived in. Big, so big for a young girl who had always lived in a small-medium town.

There have been many episodes that made me realize that I was living on the same planet but from a totally different point of view.. Those who left the house in pajamas, those who painted their faces with clown smiles and barbie eyelashes.. and the elderly people who wore hair more coloured than a rainbow.. these were some of the more “extroverted” situations that I noticed as a little grain that came from a distant beach.

I had many difficult days but also many days full of smiles.

Today, I remember those landscapes with a veil of nostalgia. Perhaps not everyone knows that the squirrel chosen as a symbol of my account was a faithful friend of mine during my stay in Birmingham.

The name I gave it was “Hazel” in honor to my passion for dried fruit. He lived in the park in front of my house, I ran in that park, we shared the same sunny days, I was delighted to see him hiding the peanuts under the ground, he first made a small hole in a strategic position and then he covered it with leaves to confuse the other gluttons of the group.

One day I took courage and I approached him with a peanut. Hazel knew that my gesture was sincere and little by little he came over to steal the peanut from my hands.. but before his paws got close to mine, I dropped the peanut to avoid the direct contact. That day we decided to become friends.

Every time I strolled through the park I carried some peanuts in my pockets, for him, for my little furry friend. One day, however, the district administration decided to redevelop the park and so soon thereafter, bulldozers, cranes and staff, began to outline a new playground and they began as well to disturb the habitat of Hazel and his friends.. since they started the works, I never saw Hazel around anymore and for many months I still kept my pockets full of peanuts.

Today, I pay homage to that sincere friendship by dedicating him my logo, follow the path Hazel, I’m sure one day we will meet again!

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