Cornwall: Titangel Castle and King Arthur

Which is the ideal world for a dreamer?! Without any doubt, a boundless one where myth and history merge together.. so with the eyes of a dreamer I’d like to introduce the Titangel Castle!

Where are we!? We are in the amazing Cornwall in the south-west of the United Kingdom. The Titangel Castle is a wonder of another era and the landscape surrounding it is unrivalled.

The rocks made of slate, typical of these places, reflect the foamy waves of the Atlatic Ocean and colour the water with a green-pale blue like a postcard.
At Titangel, everything is magic! The village that precede the castle, seems to be a film script and the alleys embracing the context will introduce you to pure magic.

Crossing the village, you can start visualising the profile of a legendary castle, the cradle of King Arthur and Merlin. Today, only the profile of strong walls standing out on a colourful background are left.

When you reach the top of the hill, your sight is captured by the majestic bronze statue of King Arthur, a very suggestive atmosphere.

If you climb down the castle’s walls till the beach, you can reach the cave of Merlin.

The legend linked to this cave tells that during stormy days, you can hear the echo of the wizard.. who knows.. I can testify that this site for its position, naturalness and colours, creates in your heart and eyes a feeling of unforgettable magnetism.

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