Moon sight

From time to time you stop to think.. because life is beautiful as much as you are.

There are moments of endless beauty by which you understand that the love for your family is the most precious gift in the world.

You think about that and you smile to the wind, while during the night the moon reflects yourself.

The moon.. so mysterious and charming, always enigmatic and incomprehensible.

We look at het to remember us the good that crossed our life, we reflect ourself on her asking for favors.

Then, the phases of primordial colours, her waltz with the sun in an hug that will never join..

Ah.. dear moon.. although you are joy for the eyes, your phases influence our existences.

The farmer is waiting for you in order to organise his plantation, the fisherman is watching you to evaluate a favourable catch, even whoever wants to have a haircut is influenced by your mood.. you are a witness, part of our phrasing, around you a lot of legends are told, and you, clear with your intentions, you’ll come back there every night as a faithful partner.

There are nights of such an infinite intensity in which your glare echoing our thoughts.

The genuineness of your look makes the difference in our days, as much growing as waning, however, you remember us the essence of being.

The wise Shakespeare one day wrote: “Crazy is the man who speaks to the moon. Fool who does not heed”.. truth or folly?!

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