Along the road..

Sometimes the human apathy is disarming, we are indifferent to human beings, to animals and nature, however we are attentive to graffities because this is art and the art implies consideration.

Around the world, there are several spots where you can find these bright colours.. every city has its own corner and the more corners you discover the greater is the consideration.

During our travel in Greece, I only expected to see ancient art, ruins of temples, restorations and busts.. instead, the good taste of the modern art found space within some streets, painting the walls matted by the time with colours.

I admire these artists, I admire their desire to come out from the crowd and show themselves without cover, I admire the space they find to meet the indifference that wraps sometimes the world..

There are connection places where abandoned factories would leave walls of monotonous colour, cold and discoloured.

And then, here they come, mysterious artists with first-rate talent, day-dreamers, rebels.

Excellent in their genuineness, spontaneous and brave, ready to convert a forgotten wall into a wall to remember.

When we were leaving Thessaloniki to reach Meteora, it was mandatory to stop along the road and take pictures of these amazing works, full of bright colours, alive, fascinating..

Ode to these street artists, unknown and talented who will paint with their artworks the endless human emotions.

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