A perspective on freedom

I have always wondered if an animal hosted in a zoo could feel “free” in some ways.

What is the perceived degree of freedom and the one of real freedom?! Then, I thought about the concept of “freedom” and the answer slipped into a whirlwind of convulsive reasoning.

I look and I look again at the pictures of these animals and I never find a gaze of proud existence, whereas, for the spectators, it only takes one of their moves to feel satisfied for having paid the ticket.. but, what about the silent inhabitants?!

We spent a lot of time in front of the arranged area for these Chimpanzee, their postures, the walks on the rope and the climbing on the stage set up for a sort of “show” captured the attention of any visitor.

The movements were so similar to men’s one, straight on two legs, sitting like tired creatures, they kidnapped our eyes straightaway.

Then, when we went back to home, the thought of those opaque looks remained.. who knows if they ever had the chance to know the life outside the fence, who knows if they considered as freedom that same fence that imposed them a limited space, after all, who is born and raised between four fences could consider freedom that space in which his food is delivered.. but for those who were welcomed after the birth, the Africa is always one step away from the horizon.

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