Let’s talk about Devon..

Let’s talk about Devon, magnificent, majestic, full of lush nature… and then focus on Torquay, famous for being the hometown of the well-known novel writer Agatha Christie.

Torquay is a lively city on the southern coast of England that today welcomes the tourists between colourful bathing sheds and excursions into an hinterland full of adventures.

In addition to its picturesque cities, the Devon is also coast, miles and miles of coast of a memorable beauty.

What do I remember about this travel?! The colours. I remember the red colour of the rocks facing the English Channel, the bright green of the endless lawns and the white foam of the waves that in a day of coastal storm brought ashore fish and jellyfishes.

I also remember the deafening silence in that segment of seaside, full of red little stones as freckles to outline the contour.

We were strolling along the Jurassic Coast that goes from Devon to Dorset, searching for some fossils, while we found silvery fish trails dragged ashore, ready meal for the hungry seagulls.

The sound of the waves that were crashing against the water edge scanned a heavy cadence, swirling, in which the seagulls were the protagonists with their Pindaric flights.

I still remember the state of blissful freedom in which you were immersed when you were crossing these horizons so vivid, full of nature, full of life.

If you love the direct contact with mother nature, the Devon is another wonderful place that I would recommend you to visit in England.

4 thoughts on “Let’s talk about Devon..

    1. Thank you! I really appreciate your comment. 😊 I hope you enjoy reading the blog! Devon was remarkable and somehow it remembers me Genoa, the city were I live now in Italy. Soon, I’ll celebrate this place as well! 😉 Stay in touch!

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  1. You are very kind, thank you! ☺Sometimes I questioned myself about my contents because I add my strong point of view on things despite the “informative” part.. and I’m really glad to know that someone appreciate it, I really do. THANK YOU! 😃 And WELCOME on board!


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