Epidaurus theatre and Asklepieion of Epidaurus

If you were quiet, you would have ended up hearing the echo of your own thoughts.
Exceptional acoustics and a panorama of a unique grandeur, these are the words that I would use to describe the Epidaurus theatre, located in the homonym city of the extraordinary Greece.

When you first see the theatre, you don’t realize how many steps will bring you at the top, but as soon as you have done half of them, you feel you are touching the sky with a finger!

When we were comfortably seated on the top rungs, a guy positioned in the middle of the orchestra started to sing a song for his wife that was sitting on the tops rungs.. well, that guy seemed to be seated next to us! The acoustics is flawless, exactly as always mentioned.

The same guy stopped to sing and pulled out a coin from his pocket, he intentionally let the coin fell down and the result was the same.. it seemed that the coin felt down from our pocket close to our feet!

Today, this theatre is still used for various performances and it is considered an World Heritage Site by UNESCO.  

The theatre is not the only monument located in this site, here, you can find also the Asclepion Temple, considered as well World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

This temple is the proof of the Asclepius god’s veneration, Greek god of medicine. In here, the needy patients came to be visited and to solve their physical-mental issues.

The Asklepieion of Epidaurus has been a pleasant surprise, a well-preserved archaeological site in which you can revive the history of a land with such a solid past.

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