A Carnival of colours

Are you ready to fly?! Today we will visit the Stratford Buttetfly Farm and we will let the colourful butterflies carry us!

These insects, with their relatively small size, have a strong vitality even if their life is quite short. I find extremely charming their colours, their shapes and the elegance of their movements.. they give a sense of lightness by which everything is possible.

At the “butterfly farm” located in Stratford-upon-Avon, hometown of William Shakespeare, you can admire the life cycle of the butterflies, from the egg till the butterfly itself, passing through the caterpillar and the chrysalis.

Probably, our attention was distracted by the wide range of butterflies that were flying around us and we didn’t notice the eggs and the caterpillar.

However, we took the pictures of the chrysalis where the butterflies were nearly ready to show themselves.. beautiful mother nature!

Looking around to the area created “ad hoc”, we had the chance to catch some intimate moments between these insects and we took pictures full of love.

This farm has recreated an ideal habitat for these creatures; it is humid, exotic, full of plants and flowers where they could reproduce themselves and spread their wings.

The result?! A Carnival of shiny colours that fascinate the eyes.

Let’s live as the butterflies, let’s spread our wings and fly to new worlds, tasting the fruits and pampering the air!

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