Welcome to Olympia!

Today, we will have a look at Greece, an extraordinary country that always emphasises its pride and identity through the flags installed everywhere.

We thought this trip as the discovery of the pure soul of a country interesting for its history and appealing for its nature.

We flew to Thessaloniki, we rented a car and we drove till Athens stopping by the most famous cities in terms of landscape beauty and historical value (…keep following the blog to discover more!).

I must admit that the whole Greece is amazing, the genuineness of its air is remarkable.

There are cities with an enchanting beauty where the time seems to stand still. One of these is for sure Olympia that belongs to the UNESCO world heritage.

When you get to the site, you are surrounded by memories of that time: rest of columns, constructions and ruins of temples.

The precise descriptions in the proximity of the ruins allows you to relate to such an ancient world with a so contemporary history.

I got excited when I thought about the ignition of the first Olympic flame; in this site you can find the rest of the first cauldron on which the Olympic flame was ignited and left burning till the end of the Olympic games.

Walking through the several paths of the site, you will reach an arch made of stones that precedes the entrance to the Olympic stadium where the Olympic games took place in honour of Zeus.

Today, you will find a rectangular field surrounded by a luxuriant green lawn and the platform made of stones where the judges used to stand.

The emotion walking through the field is huge, it is an important site where the recent history of the Olympic games began.

Olympia is one of those places that you always remember, it is an authentic site, full of culture and with a distinct identity.

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