Lively, cohesive and original

We will hug again and it will be beautiful.. we will feel the emotions flowing as a slow ballad again and we will be moved.. we will find ourselves closer than ever, we will learn to smell our hair, our faces, we will look straight into our eyes in an act of endless love.. and we will grasp each others arms as a warm bed sheet.. and everything will be better than before.

My idea was to write a post about animals but the sweet picture of the prairie dog kiss fascinated my heart.. I fantasized about how life will be when this pandemic will be over. So, why not try to dream through some animals movement and shapes?!

I looked again at the pictures taken at the Cotswold Wildlife Park & Gardens and all the beautiful creatures who are living there and I imagined a new world like this: lively as the otters playing on the fields and brooks, cohesive as this amazing zebras family and original as the anteater shape.

The message that I would like to share is: be aware of your uniqueness, you are special!

Be always energetic also for those ones lacking it, be sweet for those ones too shy to ask for it and be amazed to show always new eyes!

Be good humour influencer, be present, be the ray of the sun that will make the difference in a rainy day..

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