National Wallace Monument

This is a call for all the Sir William Wallace’s fans! Today, I’ll bring you to the “National Wallace Monument”! How many fearless hearts can I count amongst my followers?! Braveheart is a masterpiece movie that makes you dream with open eyes.

We are in Scotland, full of breathtaking views.. the bright green of the hills and the deep blue of the Atlantic Ocean embrace the numerous castles of heavenly beauty.. a magnificence for the eyes and a cuddle for the soul.

The National Wallace Monument should be included in the gems of this land full of history and traditions. The monument is a tower that rises above a hill of a town called Stirling, surrounded by steep cliffs and dense of bushes to almost emphatize a legendary dimension.

This construction has been realized to celebrate the achievements of Sir William Wallace, who became national Scottish hero following the battles against the British army to maintain the independence of his land.

The hopeless romantic, closing the eyes and thinking about the movie will imagine Sir Wallace moving forward with his army on a horse, the arrows thrown in the sky and perhaps the noise of the swords.. well, what else to say.. I recommend a visit to this monument to everyone, the landscape is amazing and its historical value is undisputed.

And as said by Sir William’s father on the movie: “Your heart is free, have the courage to follow it”.

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