Every season brings me a thought.. the winter temperatures make me think very often to the whispers of those unlucky.. those souls forgotten along the roads, under the bridges, the arcades, along the canals.

Very often, too many times, I came across lost sights in a present so loud.. with holes in their gloves, a missing shoe, rolled up in a blanket found somewhere in a corner.

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I remember when I used to run on Sunday mornings through the canals, parks and city center of Coventry and a lot of times, I spotted wandering souls, tired, hungry of love.

Would the little change offered to them be enough to let them forget for a second their invisibility? Because, you know, for every person who does have a warm place where to sleep at night, the invisibility is a superpower.
But for those fragile souls, the invisibility is a superpower that they would easily get rid of.

I believe in good gestures, those made in silence, those who after a day of work remembers us that we have been humans further than workers.

These black and white pictures remember me those moments.. of reflections.. of hope.. maybe in a common effort, we will donate soon or later a bit of colour..

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