Lake District : a place to find yourself

Sometimes, the soul needs to find itself.

As a pilgrim, it takes refuge in the innocent and pure spectacles of the nature.

Whilst the dawn expands hope in the heart, the sunset flows like a faded is a lived day, an emotion that goes away.

Both, abstract drawings of an indefinite picture, remind an essential thing: breathing.

By inhaling the sky’s colours and scents, the soul rejoins itself and that instant becomes “infinite”.

Every place on earth teaches something, where it has been sowed less – sometimes more is found – it is a matter of treasures invisible to the eyes.

Globe-trotters searching a place in the world, who sail the seas like drifting rafts.

Poets and dreamers, we widen our horizons to new lands, forgetting the beauty of simplicity that surrounds us.


The Lake District is a diamond surrounded by greenery, a place where the soul will always find relief.

The secret? The simplicity.

The inhabitants, in their natural poses, fill the canvas with perfection.

The caring look of the sheep focused on protecting its lambs is worth more than a thousand words.

Like the swan with its ducklings and the tree with its leaves.


Privileged those who leave footprints in “perfect” scenarios, pilgrim souls who find relief in simple emotions.

Privileged who, in a trade of emotions, lives nature as an immense gift.

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