Nature & Animals: a Combination of Serenity

We consider them “laments” as they speak a language we don’t understand.

They are funny poses, fleeting movements, frames remaining alive into our eyes.

I’m thinking to the “deer in love” tour, one of the most extraordinary tours I have ever experienced.

The simplicity of their movements, their innocent looks, the “fear/curiosity” toward the man who sometimes might be their friend, sometimes not.

The protagonists of the perfect picture were these 9 species of wonderful deer, free to move around 3000 acres of park.

The location? The Woburn Abbey Deer Park.


Surrounded in the lush English hinterland, the park offers hospitality to a large number of deer, on the website is reported a figure of 1200.

The long path crossing the first curious eyes is just a preview of a special experience – out of the ordinary.

That common sense of beauty hitting your eyes is soon overwhelmed by noises, feelings and presences.

The fog opening the dances in the early hours of the morning creates the ideal “mood” of curiosity, complicity, and attention-seeking.

In fact, the sound of “love songs”, horn fights and chasing between deer will soon fill the stage.. and then, that routine of “normality” spaced out by conquest gestures will begin.

The whole tour is a surprise: the scene will be alternated between huge deer with pronounced horns to others of the same age but much smaller.

You will encounter female species with big lively eyes and polka dots fur (similar to the famous Disney cartoon) – it will be a privilege to stare at their eyes just few meters away.

Nature and animals: a combination of serenity.


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