Hand-in-Hand with Parrots

In the heart of the Leicestershire County, the Tropical Birdland is a delightful leisure place for young and old people.

The simplicity of the place mixed to the variety of parrots will appear from the first moment: lovely.

The world is full of wonderful places and memorable activities to do, but when people use passion and dedication to achieve what they believes, the result is excellent.DSC_1919

The colorful parrots live immersed in a green and large protected area where they can freely  enjoy a peanut or an apple kindly offered by some tourists.

The interaction between parrots and man is something special.

By shyly stretching your hand to offer them some foodstuffs – specific according to their diet – you can gain soon their “confidence.”

Someone hesitates, someone else approaches without fear, someone comments with incomprehensible “sounds” the situation, but then, convinced by the kind gestures of the tourists, they approach them and sometimes they jump on their arms.

These creatures coming from tropical areas find themselves in a climate probably different from the one of their birthplace, but considered their affability, perhaps it not too hard for them to get used to the different temperature.

There are a lot of parrots coming from different parts of the world, they are wonderfully colorful, some of them are small and bright, some big with “classic” colours, some other noisy, but all of them deserve your attention.

I was enchanted by observing how they can easily break a walnut shell.

They have an exceptionally strong and sturdy beak! The solid paws and the compact and elongated body, compose a truly magnificent balance of lines. 

Near the exit of the park, you will find yourself in the center of curious eyes and funny expressions; it has been created a path of direct interaction between humans and parrots, always ready to create a new friendship.. especially if this new “friendship” brings something to munch.


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