Ode to the Family

What a family of ducklings inspires to a person living away from their own family can only be understood by another lonely soul.

Everyday, we live situations that take a back seat because “normal”, “already seen”.

But when thousands of miles away you see the enthusiasm in the eyes of these little creatures, you remember that you have been baby as well and you start missing that “pat” to make you fly.. you absolutely miss it.


It was during a summer afternoon, a walk without expectations, a dull sky like the mood crossing that time.

The lake was full of ducks and swans, sometimes flapping, sometimes quiet on the shore. But there was something in those small waves reaching my feet.

They were so “soft”, frequent, they formed a compact design.

I looked up and I saw a perfect family.

A duck followed by 16 ducklings, pure love.

The beauty of the moment filled the scene at least as the awkwardness of some small ducklings “new of life” “lost” among the floating leaves did.

The mother was awake and attentive to every movement of her little ones; she stopped the group when someone remained behind and she lavished to reach who was in trouble.

Soon my mind flew to my family … as always.

I thought to all those precious memories which keep me afloat whenever I feel the weight of life.

I thought to every time a hug recreated the smile.

Made by skin or feathers, a family is a family and I found so many similarities with these webbed puppies.

Take care of memories, the family is a precious gift.


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