Alfero Waterfall

Everyone preserves memories, sometimes these are images, sometimes odours.
Someone ties the memories up to people, to feelings.. someone remembers the happy days of its own childhood, to deceive the time.. just like me.
Those people who can visit every now and then such places, that can close the eyes for an instant and through a noise or perfume, still find themselves “children” are privileged.
Considering the sporadic returns to my country, being able to visit “my” childhood places has been a panacea for my spirit.
I think to the warmth of the sun caressing the mountains and the woods and the little villages populating them.

DSC_0235I think to the rich undergrowth populated by small creatures and unexpected appearances as those of deers, cows, wild boars, horses or small hares.
I passed so many summers at the Casellina, a district just above Acquapartita, having a bath in the streams of Alfero and outskirts.. unforgettable memories of a happy-go-lucky adolescence.
Every return to my country is the right occasion to visit these “places of the memory”.
Equipped with good company, I came back to the Alfero waterfall: a gem half-hidden in the heart of the town.
Descending a short path, you will discover this jewel, destination of souls looking for serenity and direct contact with the nature.
It doesn’t surprise me to still find so many young people in this place, it is a panacea for all the ages.

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