Playa de Amadores: Gran Canaria’s jewel

Playa de Amadores is considered the jewel of the Gran Canaria southern coast.

The route to get to this beautiful bay is made of narrow alleys along the coast…a strip of cobblestones within the blue shades of the ocean and rocky sights of the hinterland.20160523_103833logo

Sometimes some flowers between the rocks and…endless ocean.

The curiosity to discover what made this beach even more particular than the others was much, and each step made the waiting even more fervid and pressing.

Then, turned the angle, finally the reality shown to the eyes.

The bay looked like an intimate place, calm, almost painted on a surreal picture.

Walking quickly, we reached the golden sand. It wasn’t very fine, but pleasant anyway, a tactful massage at each sinking step into it.

The colours of the ocean have been the ultimate attraction of this place.

Walking into the water, the colour gradually changes from a pale green to an intense green, becoming then emerald end ending up in blue.

Even though in full summer, with a burning sun radiating the atmosphere, the ocean refreshed the body through its cool currents caressing the skin.

Playa de Amadores is not only crystal-clear water, intimacy and good rest, the smell of good food in fact will complete the richness of a recognised and well conserved patrimony.

At lunch time, happy restaurateur along the beach will fight to catch still unsure tourists, to suggest some of their delicious recipes.

I would suggest Gran Canary to any tourist. The island is full of surprises, curiosity is fundamental to catch them tough.


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