The Dragonfly’s World

The universe: what a great thing!

The feeling to see the animal world through a lens is astonishing.

The shapes, the colours and perspective change.

A simple dragonfly becomes a mixture of colour and shades with complex shapes, a game of bright colours and bizarre shapes.

This is the natural beauty of the Lake District, together with the beauty of its inhabitants, has created a unique bond.

I’ve always believed in the fate, the one bringing you in the right place at the right time.

It looked like the dragon flies tried to get in touch with the humans to let them take pictures …they were so close to the cameras that they looked holograms. Nevertheless, something strange was happening.

The small river on which the dragonflies were dancing became their love nest.


The danced together, with an elegant and coordinated manner, which soon brought them on a blade of grass or to the water.

The choreography had something of special, it looked a poem, the small couple of insects formed little heart shapes.

The dragonflies were mating and we were looking at an instant of intimacy.

Come back from the travel and looking at the pictures, the beauty was even more increased by the details of the insects.

These small bodies, analysed in their small details appeared 1000 time more surprising than when watched through a naked eye.

I reiterate once more how much nice is the nature and how much we are lucky to observe so much beauty.

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