The Nature’s Mood

I see seasons as an emotional reaction of the nature.

Thoughts unconfessed fully caught only from sensitive souls.

We think to the beauty of the sunrise or the magic of the sunset as magnificence.. we take pictures, we make comments and dedications.

But, if we think to any instant of brightness and darkness to the mood of people? How much different would we be from mother nature?

We resemble so much to that continuous change and we resemble so much also the wind blowing and moving mountains.

Often, we have an egoistic behaviour towards a so big “miracle”, we do not take care enough of it and sometimes we ruin the magic.

But, if we mirror ourselves on a lake, that is our reflected picture.

The difference within the frame is made only by ourselves.


In reality, we are the miracle.

The beauty of the nature is the projections of our good heart.

The more we conserve good things the more we can see the beauty of the nature. It is an intrinsic relationship.

We have seasons like the nature: we bloom in spring, we smell enthusiasm in summer, we renew ourselves in autumn and we go into hibernation in winter.

The drop of rain is a dropping tear.. a sun ray is a new smile.

Eternal will be the wonder for the frame on which I am, as eternal will be the wonder for every season that I will face.

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