Egypt: an unforgettable gift

Some pictures are unforgettable, they remain fixed in your mind and stamped on the heart.

In some cases – these pictures are connected to intercontinental travels, to discover the “past” which opened the horizons.

The endless trip on the coach to the Temple of Abu Simbel – in the heart of Egypt – it is something that I would repeat every day, as long as I can feel my heart shining due to the emotion cause by so much beauty.

Miles and miles of sand, a shy sunshine that in few hours would have radiated the golden mantle on which our feet were leaning.

And then …. the tour guide announced the arrival.


How many times we felt “small” in front of a monument larger than us.. and how many times we thought to be just an evolved species of a past that by now has already “narrated” what it was supposed to say.

Well, whoever has had the fortune to visit Egypt, will agree with me that the suggestion of monuments like the Temple of Abu Simbel are so extremely “surreal” to create at least as many questions as the esteem of the vanguard ancestors.

The sunset lifted the curtain on the scene: 4 gigantic statues of Pharaoh Ramses II filled our eyes – moving closer – we felt a pervading sense of devotion, as if entering the temple required the permission of the pharaoh himself.

Just a few meters from this temple, another wonder: the temple dedicated to Ramses’ wife – Queen Nefertari – also magnificent and worthy of reflection.

The Egypt has left me so many emotions that every time I close my eyes and I try to place myself on another spatial reality, I find refuge in these precious memories.

An unforgettable gift.

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