The Prairie Dogs

Contrary to what their name might suggest, they are rodent, for intents and purposes.

Knowing rather few things about these small puppies, I had a look on the web and I discovered that my initial thoughts were right.

The first time I saw the prairie dogs I have been very surprised.

I immediately noticed their playful nature, their tendency to live in big colonies and their sociability.

The first picture of them was a storm of playing puppies, some jumped on the back of others, some bit to catch the attention and some were chasing their unlucky friends.

On the opposite side, a couple of pups were digging, camouflaging themselves with the ground.


Others were having a snack eating some grass, their happy expression and their inflated belly made them looking so funny.

I thought that the Suricates were the funniest puppies but suddenly I met these one.. and once again my view changed.

Ode to mother nature in all its shapes and brightness.

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