Floating Thoughts

The truth is that we are so lucky.

But as soon as we cannot get anything, we underestimate our grace.

We leave dripping taps aware that tomorrow we will have our portion of health.. selfishly, we do not think that few thousand miles away, a drop of water could save a life – but the drop does not come – and we keep wasting it.

Sometimes, we do not have appetite and without many thoughts, we throw away part of the food without thinking that – in years like the 2017, projected on moon travels – a crumb of bread or a grain of rice would save the world.

But there is still someone who closes his eyes with an empty stomach.

We follow the fashion – we like to appear – it seems that if a wicked heart is dressed with the last fashion garment, this person reborns better.

We complain if the size of a cloth is missing.

There are creatures that barely cover less than the necessary with a cut out of a cloth luckly found.

We travel without stopping, impatient of seeking something indefinite, when in fact, the family is all we need.


We have a body coordinating with our mind, we can see, we can move, we can freely think, we have food on the table, a roof on the head, friends, objects – WE ARE RICH – but we always find the way to think we are poor.

Life is beautiful, enjoy it without boundaries.

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