A Step into the Nature

Draycote Water was mentioned speaking about fly fishing.

I was told of big trouts and a nice shot in the arm.

This reservoir – few km far from Rugby – encloses what needed to regenerate your mind:

– a nice dive into the nature

– birdwatching

– outdoor recreation activities like fishing, trekking, cycling and running

The deep blue of the ripples of the lake, in contrast to the yellow and green fields, made the walk, few meters above the level of the lake, a unique sensorial experience.


The wind blowing into the hairs brought the mood of a forgotten serenity.

The bright sun warmed the atmosphere. It was time to get carried away, forgetting the time and the phone.

Suddenly, a small spectator showed up on the rocks.

Thin paws, curios eyes, surprising plumage as any creature made by mother nature.

Everything was perfect, even the location where the small bird was having a rest.

Again, the nature let me find myself.


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