Murales in Glasgow

I am reflecting on the meaning of art.

How many forms of expression exist?

What is the difference between a street artist who paints on the walls of the buildings, and a more “sophisticated” artist who paints on canvas and exhibits his work in an art gallery?DSC_2893logo

Nothing. For my personal feelings regarding such inspiration, there is no difference.

Art is art.

Artist is the one shaping the deep innate sense born within his own soul.

And when suddenly, the seasons or the moods change, I realise that my profane desire to rattle off a piece of art is just the human feeling to understand the neighbour.

But not everyone is artist nor has the desire to understand, because understanding implies commitment – and a lot of times – a trivial comment is all what artist receive in return.

Every time my eyes crossed the Glasgow’s streets murales, it was inevitable to stop and observing them, immortalizing so much beauty.

What fascinated me the most, was the feeling of tactility of every single subject.. and their shadows!

A three-dimensional sense that drags you into the work, as a living “non” protagonist creature. 

I encourage everyone to spend a moment of your own time trying to understand the sense of art, it will be a small way to thank who donate us so much beauty.

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