Bath: World Heritage Site

I would describe it as “a wonderful jewel.”

I’m thinking to Bath, a thermal town in Somerset County, in the south of England.

Bath is a mix of history, nature and culture – a vortex of unmissable emotions.

My expectations on the trip were about visiting the famous Roman Baths, even if, when I browsed the web, I found much more.


The town center scents of history, there are many attractions, starting from the Abbey, passing through the Roman Baths till reaching – moving a few steps – the Circus, characterised by its circular architecture.

Recognized by UNESCO as “World Heritage Site”, Bath offers so many options for the most resourceful tourist.

The heart of the city, in fact, is only the first step in its true genuineness.

So many strengths, so many hidden “gems”.

Another example is the city’s panorama; a point of view in which the “history” is embraced by the natural green and pampered by the Avon River’s bank.

It is interesting to stop on the various bridges admiring the boats with tourist going for an excursion.

And again – for the good walking lovers – the Avon bank river will be an occasion to relax far from the everyday routine.


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