The sweetest picture: Collared Brown Lemurs

The picture initially seemed a bit odd to me.

I mean – there’s nothing wrong on seeing a lemur clinging to a tree – but those TWO little tails coming down from one side, well, they certainly caught my attention.

Before entering in the “Madagascar” mode, the guide suggested us to hide sweets in the bag and avoid the direct contact with the lemurs.

I thought that despite this suggestion, someone would have tried somehow to touch these small mammals.


The lemurs were the first looking for a contact with the man.

They approached us with curiosity, jumping from one tree to another, sometimes “scaring” children, who uncertain about their attentions, quickly sought refuge within the arms of their parents.

However, today I don’t want to talk about ring-tailed lemurs and their habits or features, but, I want to share with you a very special scene.


In the distance, I saw a brown creature bent on itself. Nothing strange.

I got close and…. I need a moment before materializing the scene.

Those two thin tails coming alongside the snout leaned on the branch – were the fruits of love.

A love that the collared brown lemur protected with all herself.

The position changes, the lemur turns over the other side – FINALLY – a snout comes out from her belly cavity.

In a short while, the snouts became two.

With the memory of a whole-round love, I leave the area.. these lemurs made my day.

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