The Modern Geppetto

I imagine him like this: old, creative, hunchbacked.

My imaginary Geppetto has these qualities:

– the wisdom of who has seen changings of colours, fragrances and skin

– the inspiration of who has known the simple values lost over the years through digital profiles

 curved posture given by the weight of a long life

The man doesn’t always destroys, sometimes creates.

Thus, the opportunity to take few photographs in the midlle of the nature, can reveal a fascinating surprise.

We are in Coventry, in the heart of the Coombe Country Park.

A friar stands still protected by a dense scrubland close to a vivid undergrowth – my memory brings me for a moment to Saint Francis of Assisi.


Defined in its carvings and expressive as a tangible feeling – remembers me love to any form of life: human, animal, vegetable.

A beauty created by our modern Geppetto in harmony with the surrounding nature to purely exaltate it.

I discovered other traces of “artificial” beauty by strolling at the Ryton Pools Country Park.

Before diving into the woods you can find a bench featuring a fox and a squirrel warmed by the sunlight, good resting companions.

Entering into the woods – a wonderful nature fascinate the eyes: full of colors, scents and sounds.

Hidden behind the brushwood, a couple of “thrones” with initials “A” and “Z” raise my curiosity.. who knows what my Geppetto had in mind.. I wonder if his creations come to life in the hearts of dreamers, just as in mine.


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