Edinburgh: the breathtaking view

Edinburgh is magic.

During the day: touristic, frenetic, defined.

During the night: romantic, intimate, rarefied. 

I expected everything from a trip to Scotland, except finding myself enjoying warm-coloured sunsets as the most reassuring of the emotions and extended as the infinite sense of life. 

Climbing the hill before dusk and find yourself like “bare” trees in front of such beauty, guys, it is an emotion that I highly recommend. 

The horizon of these lands seen from the top is a show that worth the effort of a steep climb with adumbrated paths and the fight against a wind blowing from any direction. 

The panorama is SURREAL. A postcard with soft lines, reflected on a sky that reconciles the soul.


The pulsating sun, vivid, now at the end of an exuberant day, dissolves like a pastel on a canvas .. overwhelming shades, emotional, memorable.

In the distance, some popular “shapes”, like the Edinburgh Castle which imposes itself over the buildings of the city.

The castle is dyed initially by a natural sunset, which progressively transforms in an artificial purple, surely thought to enhance the castle’s shapes- even if – in my opinion, such a beauty does not need any artifice.

With time the colours change.

The biological sun’s clock composes now a reflected melody…

On the horizon opposite to the castle, the Firth of Forth, an inlet on the North Sea, captures the mood of an end of the day that prepares the path to the young night.


I close my eyes for a moment, the wind is blowing in my ears with rhythmic melody, it seems to take me towards the infinite of lights and colours reflected on the horizon.

It is time to return to normality.

I open my eyes and I go down to the hill.

The emotion in the heart will light up my dreams tonight.. and all the future dreams, every time I will remember this wonderful experience.

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