Red Panda: the new-born

Finally. You came up so many times, that I even dreamed you at night, hugging you like a soft toy. 

You were born recently – your first steps have been photographed – as well as your messy and funny play of a puppy young of life.

Thanks to the Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park I can visit you from time to time – and it is always a huge emotion. Now, the family is complete, a portrait of love. 

I firstly saw you by noticing your pretty little snout coming out from your small house, reddish and white – your yawn filled my heart with sweetness.


You stretched the hairy legs and as a good tightrope walker, you reached the bowl with food.

You are a wonderful trio, even if my little knowledge, unfortunately, does not allow me to recognise dad and mom – for me, you are a YOU that makes me kid again – you remember me the sensation of the simple emotions – the best ones.

The Red Panda for me had always been a crossroads of ideas enclosed in my mind, maybe a weird stuffed toy or a mix between a bear and a fox, so, until our eyes did not cross for the first time, it had only and always been an idea, abstract.

And then.. as I have already described: love at first sight!

I think a strong emotional connection has been created – probably one-way – but it doesn’t matter, you donate me a unique touch of carefreeness, like a kid – which is enough to remind me how lucky I am to have eyes to see and heart to “feel” you.

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