Gran Canaria: view from a “4×4”

A great discovery. I define so the Gran Canaria island.

Volcanic, circular, touristic and surprising.

The idea of flying from island to island (United Kingdom >> Canary Islands) to enjoy some sunshine was the input of the holiday.

Landing at the Las Palmas airport, catching the bus to get to the Hotel crossing the barren and mountainous land was the surprise.

The brochures remind the origins of the island, a volcanic and tropical island, so, blue sky, ocean view, dry and dusty hinterland.

The point of view I want to start from today is just..the most “natural”: the heart of the island explored far and wide by a 4×4 Jeep.


Who is the driver? Pedro – Spanish, moustached, middle-aged, potbellied and funny.

I sit down on the navigator seat, I like the idea of having the complete view.

The safari begins. We drive through the hinterland – the dust hits the eyes, the Jeep jumps up and down between holes and an improvised path.. we are at the centre of the island, we are far from the artificial world.

Pedro faces these land with the naturalness of a life in first line – at the drive.

The heart of the Gran Canaria awakens the primordial sense of simple things.

Year 2016 – and still – in those small homes in the centre of the island, the water is rationed – drinking or irrigating is a serious matter.

From time to time, the Jeep stops at panoramic points – inside the “Reserva Natural Integral de Inagua” we get back to the origins – when you step on the ground, you look around enthusiastic and curious – the world seems to stand still. Who would have imagined the Gran Canaria like this?

Another pearl of the excursion is the “Pueblo de Fataga” – the Fataga village – located atop a hill with breathtakingly views: fruit trees and palms spacing out pure soil, outlined by a bright horizon, of a generous sun that smiles over the ocean.

Be curious, imagination will take you in a defined space, travel will open your horizons.


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