Rainbow into the eyes

I live in a country meteorologically variable – but so fascinating.

Every day the sun plays hide and seek with the clouds, it is a complicity creating wonderful effects – in the sky and on the Earth.

The sky – as vast as our imagination – collects the moods of something abstract, a mysterious dream of freedom. The clouds help giving shape to the picture: the sun adds colour.

How many times we tried to interpret those intangible shapes, pampered by the wind, sometimes in such a hurry to forget the script.. sometimes full of misunderstood drops, thought by us – ONLY like an umbrella to be opened.

Being in the undergrowth, damp by falling tears, makes perceiving even the most ordinary element as something special.

I chose this leaf to explain you visually – I can see so much poetry into it.


Common element, of simple nature, always different in shape and shades.

This is the nature speaking and provoking.

Then.. THE smile appearing – once the pout and the tear are gone.

HERE IT IS, THE RAINBOW: the emotion revealed by colours.

It is a meteorological phenomenon – rationally, I understand it – but in the dreamer’s heart, the rainbow is poetry.

It is the translation of colour beams caressing the features of all the countries – that embracing a land (a body) in constant evolution – often in confusion – reassures it with the sweetness of its shades.

Priviliged, those who can still get excited in front of such an emotional nature.

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