The Eurasian Lynx

I would describe it as unconsciousness.. the human feeling pushing me to approach this hairy giant.

Probably, I struggle to understand that one of its caress could leave me a permanent mark, that one of its hugs could knock me down on the ground.. but, try to think to its gaze: face to face with the Eurasian Lynx – a priceless  emotion.

The proud predatory posture, those long hair on the muzzle creating a sort of sideburns, the hairy tufts on the top of the ears – radar picking up the slightest movement.

The Eurasian Lynx is a fascinating predator – the most impressive species between the existing lynx – located in the European and Siberian forests.

The body, balanced in height and weight, and the thick fur make these predators almost imperceptible on the field.


Mother Nature has thought the lynxes up to the smallest detail, giving them a body allowing agility but also lightness, longer rear legs for greater jumps, fur paws cover by fur to moderate the noise when moving and the most important things for a predator: exceptional sight and hearing. 

However, being just one step away from these felines, it makes you forget their nature; you just want to coddle them, contemplating them as “cats a bit grown”. 

The lynx hunts animals of various sizes, sometimes it tries with large prey like deer, wild boars – but if the initial approach fails – allowing the animal to escape – the lynx tends to not chase the prey, due to its lack of stamina to prolonged efforts.

Lonely and shy, a combination that imposes, perhaps, a “natural” detachment from these creatures, despite being considered intelligent and tamed – so – a possible coexisting human partner.

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