Today my memories bring me go to Stonehenge, a place which has always attracted my attention for the stories and the theories being formulated along the years.

We are now located in the Wiltshire county close to Salisbury, a curious place on itself: shiny green grass extended all over the place, colossal megaliths in the middle of an “alive” scene.. endless – in a surreal atmosphere.  

In front of so much beauty you feel like a little ant, perhaps still too young to understand in full such a mysterious past. 

This site, of Neolithic period, belongs to the “UNESCO World Heritage” since 1986 – monument of particular culteral interest. 

The name “Stonehenge” derives from the words “stone” and “henge”, as it still looks today the shape of the site: vertical circular stones (Menhirs) topped by horizontal stones. stonehenge-blog-bislogo

Purchased a ticket for the site and equipped with audio guide, a little shuttle will bring you in the proximity of the majestic circular stones: the megaliths.
To each stone corresponds a number which, selected on the audio guide, will begin to project yourself into a world of history, legends, suggestions – a magic world.

As a profane spectator, you will start to identify yourself with those words, in those steps of history still unknown or, better, only supposed. 

The interpretation of the stone’s arrangement varies among scientist, the most quoted hypothesis seems to be the one of an ancient astronomical observatory.. so clever! 

These ancient pearls of humanity make us reflect on the evolution of life and mankind, who knows how will be the world in an infinite number of years..

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