The legend tells… “berti in oro”

Sometimes the homesickness takes over and I begin rummaging through the photo archive, pictures taken before the departure for another Country… so, I thought to introduce you a small village that smells of Romagna (Italy): Bertinoro, located at the top of the Cesubio mount, between Forlì and Cesena.

One of the legends linked to the origin of the village name tells that it derives from an exclamation of the princess Galla Placida, who once arrived in the beautiful Italy, sipping from a clay cup a bit of the sweet Albana, local white wine, exclaimed: “You don’t worth such a rough cup, dear wine, but to be drunk from a gold one = berti (to drink) – in – oro (gold)”.

The emerald-green vineyards surrounding the hills at the foot of the village, mixed with the strong scent of an “alive” Romagna in every colour, make the climb to the village, a true sensory journey.


Bertinoro is so many things: ancient history, delicious cuisine and excellent wine. The heart of the village is reached along narrow cobblestone streets, bordered by thick walls.

The local shops positioned on these streets have the simplicity of the good life: excellent traditional food from Romagna, excellent local wine and large tables where you can share smiles.

At the top of the village, the protagonist of the scene is the magnificent fortress.

This majestic building, together with the sturdy walls, were designed in the Middle Ages to counter the enemy attacks.  

The magic of the place is preserved between the past and the present, drawn by the profile of the high walls protecting the city’s heart.

And when the darkness falls.. well, the magic comes to life.

Describing sometimes is unnecessary, the images will tell on their own.


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