The Stunning Tour Eiffel

Are you ready to climb with me up to 324 meters?!

Today, we climb up almost to touch the sky.. we climb together the Eiffel Tower, an architectural masterpiece dated 1889. 

Paris, metropolis multicolor, romantic and inspiring city for poets and writers, boasts giants globally recognized, as the Tour Eiffel. 

It was built in just a couple of years and soon became the French capital symbol. I like to define it as “daughter” of the designer Gustave Eiffel, as he gave it his “surname”. IMG_1760logo

This extraordinary construction is linked to the most heartfelt story of  the French population, since built in occasion of the Universal Exhibition in 1889, to commemorate the centenary of  the French revolution. 

Although today it is unconditionally loved, the construction has generated controversy and also wishes of destruction. 

The first doubts came from the community who found the iron structure unsightly and not well fit to the surrounding structures. 

It seems that even today, some Parisians do not fully appreciate it, calling it with the nickname “iron asparagus”. 

Also the elite class was adverse; it was saved from the demolition only because it was considered as a tactical location where antennas for radio waves transmission could be installed. 

In addition to the wonderful front view, as a postcard, I thought to attach some panoramic pictures: a cutout of the Seine River flowing through the city, the gardens of the “Parc du Champ de Mars” and a sight of the city.  


You can imagine how exceptional is to be so high in one of the historical buildings of France. 

It is possible to climb the Eiffel Tower via steps (1665), or by panoramic lifts.. the temptation to “climb” it by walking was very strong, but I admit that after the first flight of stairs, the elevator has been a great temptation.. something I could not resist to!

I end the post with a brief thought of a French poet that I really appreciate, Victor Hugo: “A breathe of Paris preserves the soul”.


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