The Louvre Museum

Certain places are surrounded by an inexplicable magic.

It is like you are projected in a parallel dimension where chaos and daily routine don’t exist, only positive sensations are touched.. these were my feelings in front of a legend like the Louvre Museum.

The magic of the day equals the insatiable magic of the night, embracing the Louvre as it doesn’t want the Museum be lighted up again.. sun and moon in front of such a beauty are “only” a frame of light and stars.

The Louvre Museum is a diamond in the Paris heart.

Inside, artworks of every kind and culture merging in an endless art dance.. an art that brings us with a jump in the past and a pinch in the present.

The external pyramidal structure is already a sign of something magic that step by step we will discover, each time as the first time.

The Louvre Museum is the home of a range of breathless artworks.. so much beauty and history in one place.

It shows the second largest paintings collection in the world after the Ermitage Museum of St. Petersburg (Russia).


One of the most famous paintings you can admire is the Mona Lisa one.

The space in front of this artwork was full of curious admiring it but, waited the necessary time, I got closer.. it was a unique emotion.

Unique was also the excitement of being one step away from one of the sculptures that has always fascinated me: Love and Psyche by Canova.

Standing just one step away from these inimitable pearls studied on the school’s books is something indescribable.

I invite you to visit Paris.. the eternal “Ville Lumière”.

I will publish more posts of this wonderful capital.

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