The Giza Sphinx

Guess the riddle: it is a monolithic statue with lion body and human face, it is located in the Giza necropolis and seems to guard the Chefren Pyramid… guessed?

Yes, it is the Giza Sphinx.

The magic Egyptian world is an adventure that leaves a sign.

Egypt is a fascinating place, I had the pleasure to couple a Nile cruise with a Sharm-El-Sheikh stay and I assure you that was a winning mix, to be suggested!

I am going to start with the Giza Sphinx, a symbol of a such mysterious and interesting population.


Every monument worth to be described by a new post, grouping up more magnificence in the same page would not do justice to this heritage.

As you can imagine, there are several theories about this piece of history, several theories on the name origin, several theories on the face similarity, several theories on who destroyed the noise.. well, more doubts than certainties, but believe the magic is there!

The Giza Sphinx is made of three low quality rocky layers, gradually with better properties going from the lowest to the highest part.

The nose is still missing, probably removed by Napoleon troupes.

The body is proportionally bigger than the head, but just thinking to the calcareous rock low quality used to made the Sphinx can let us think that some adjustments has been made to enlarge and support the structure.

The head is the most “ruined” part, a bit due to natural causes, a bit due to humans.. what a pity!IMG_1328logo

Its ceremonial beard is shown in the London British Museum.

It is believed that the “mysterious” part of this colossus has to be found in the internal tunnels.. think to the researchers having the honor to dedicate themselves to these humanity pearls!

It has been an exciting experience just getting close, going inside would have been amazing!

Bye Egyptian, it has been very nice know your world.

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