Looking over Barcellona

Not bad, isn’t it?

Visiting a new country, the curiosity to get over a building and enjoy the sight has no price.

So, after a nice walk along the Barcelona’s Rambla, going up to 60mt in the Mirador de Colom has been a huge pleasure.

The panoramic view of the Port Vell was breathtaking.

I love looking places from the top, it always gives a great sense of freedom.

A bit of the Port Vell history: it is the ancient city harbour, renovated in occasion of the 1992 Olympic Games.

Today, this place is an enjoyable and interesting touristic point thanks to buildings like the Maremàgnum, (a majestic commercial centre full of shops, restaurants, coffee shops and a multiplex cinema), the IMAX with 3D projections and the largest European aquarium.

The Rambla de Mar has been an interesting peculiarity to discover!

In the second panoramic picture, a bridge with an irregular shape is noticeable, it is walkable and it joins the Rambla to the Port Vell.


The Rambla de Mar has the particularity of being equipped with a turning bridge that, during the day, allows ships to have access to the dockyard and, once passed, turns backwards again letting pedestrians walking.

Now, go back to the point we started from: the Mirador de Colom.

This is a memorial column of a great navigator, as well as the man who discovered America: Cristoforo Colombo. IMG_0819logo

The question is why this column is located in the Barcelona’s port? It seems that the great navigator, returning back from his great discovery, decided to dock at this port.

For this reason the idea to build a monument in his memory.

I would like to end the post with a phrase of Cristoforo Colombo himself: “The sea will grant each man new hope and sleep will bring dreams of home”.

As a little ant in the world, I wish to say THANKS, is this enough? I don’t know but it’s surely honest.

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