Dubai: between Dream and Reality

Dazzling sun, fine white ivory sand, Arabic roofs in contrast with skyscrapers as far as the eye can see: Dubai, a daydream.

Fly to Dubai means look the world through a new window and breath a country rich of traditions counterposed to uncontrolled luxuries and extravagances.

Country of excess? Maybe, but the life is very “human”, very sensitive, you will be thrown in a kind of parallel reality, very different from the European world.

What I remember of this travel? Well, I went in the hottest month of the year, so I remember a dry and boiling atmosphere, the deep blue sea, fine sand, low roofs of the buildings to prove an ancient world always present.. and skyscrapers, skyscrapers that stand out in the frame of the wonderful Dubai.


But Dubai is much more than you can imagine; Dubai is an ancient world that surrounds a modern world, Dubai is a Souk with intense spice aromas, Dubai is fun touching the imagination.

I think to the astonished visitors (me first) staring the window of the Ski Resort inside the Mall of Emirates. Brave skiers climbed down the ski track and then with the chair lift, went up again at the top of the mountain to keep on the fun…outside 46°C!

Dubai boasts a traditional ancient heart and a rock soul extremely modern!

Just to give an idea, at the Mall of Emirates, the widest commercial center in the world, you will find high fashion boutiques, restaurants of each type and culture, an amusement park, a giant cinema, a Ski Resort and much more. Wow, it doesn’t need any additional comment.

I will add other information of Dubai in a second time, it is just a waste to do a list of the attractions without explanation. See you at the next Dubai post!

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