The Mine

One of the most memorable experience I lived is when I climbed down in a real mine, feeling the same shivers the miners felt.

It has been an incredible experience, leaving to me a lot of feelings, like the idea of the low value these lives had, forced to stay in the dark and breathing heavy dust.

I felt lucky for the contemporary life the major part of mankind can live now but I felt also a sense of claustrophobia toward life.

Equipped with helmet and torch we climbed down along the dark and wet tunnels.

A guide informed us about the path to follow and a recorded voice narrated the life protected from the sunbeams.

The miners were mechanically reproduced and they showed their tasks into the dim light.

The fidelity of the reproduction of a not too far past bring you sensations of real story.

It seemed to breathe the same rocky dust that block the lungs. The day was black as the night. Fatigue was an automatism.

I’d like to end the post expressing of all my respect for those who “suffered” this existence.

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