Suricate or Meerkat

Believe me, these little puppies miss just to speak!

The suricate is another of my favorite animals, they are too enjoyable! This species is a carnivorous mammal typical of the southern Africa.

They have certainly a well-developed sight, an astute movement and a slim body that allows them to quickly disappear inside tiny holes in case of danger.

I met for the first time these nimble animals at the Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park and they attracted my attention with their glee and sense of being part of a group with their similar. 08092012222

One day, the sun seemed to play hide-and-seek with the clouds and the suricates seemed play hide-and-seek with the sun! No, I’m not crazy, the scene was exactly this one.

When the sun was disappearing behind the clouds, the suricates climbed down from the little trunks where they were endorsed.

When the sun was reappearing, the suricates in a friendly way nibbled at their friends to climb first into the trunk. They stood up in two paws and with the face completely oriented toward the dazzling sun seemed they wanted to tan.

They were amazing. They just needed sunglasses and a fresh drink to be perfect for the occasion! 

Before finishing the post, I’d like to share this picture with you.

It will be probably too brown and you will have some difficulty to detect the two little puppies, but if you look on it carefully, you will be able to identify, between the branches, two little suricates borned few days before.

These two little puppies, got away an instant from the other part of brood and for a sensitive heart like me, were an amazing surprise! 30 grams of weight.. Can you realize how little they were? Hurrah for any birth of any kind! 

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