Today I’ll bring you in the magic world of William Shakespeare to pay tribute to one of the great maybe the greatest playwright and English poet.

We are now located in the county of Warwickshire in Western Midlands, county particularly known to be the birthplace of Shakespeare.

I had great expectations for this trip and I have to admit that I was really impressed from the atmosphere and the people that are always available when you lose the orientation…

The journey started strolling through the city streets enjoying the bizarre buildings, the street artists scattered through the alleys and along the river Avon, the delicious smell of English breakfast that comes from legendary Costa and Starbucks… hmmmm such a nice thought!

But my major curiosity was to see the famous Shakespeare house.

Here you are in the picture below!


This extraordinary huge house in wood is magic, it brings you behind in time!

We have to think that Shakespeare lived here at the end of 1500 and the time has passed but when you arrive in front of the door entrance it seems that a butler dressed up with gorgeous old fashion dresses will welcome you at the house.

Wandering through the city streets, I bumped into the Gower Memorial at Bancroft gardens.

How many wonderful memorial statues of the main characters of Shakespeare novels, from the Hamlet to Lady Macbeth, to Shakespeare himself at the top of the central column almost to monitor his sculpture in the infinite of time.


To honor the good reading and to end the post, I’d like to mention the very well-known sentence in memory of the Hamlet: “ be, or not to be, that is the question..”

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