Robin Hood

Do you recognize him? Of course, he’s exactly the one who robbed from the rich to give to the poor.

What excites us? Probably what we can’t claim for sure, a legend, a myth, a fantasy character… I decided then to jump to Nottingham to breathe the same air breathed by a legend: Robin Hood!

There are a lot of theories about the hypothetical existence of this man, someone thought he’s a mixture between fantasy and reality, someone else trusts the theory he was really existed but born and lived in different locations.

People’s rumors positioned Robin and his “gang” close to the Sherwood Forest area in Nottinghamshire.

I believe the existence of a legendary character doesn’t have to reflect a real character, in our imagination we are free to create myths and legends facing our expectations, unjust situations and prejudices.

Lucky was who knew Robin Hood Principe of Thieves or lucky is who just chose to live the character in the dream of his legend.

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