Red Panda

I tell you: it was love at first sight!

I saw the red panda for the first time at the Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park and since that moment, the memory of this sweet and melancholic snout never left me.

Welcomed by a group of ostriches inside a corral adjacent to the entry and strolling through the park between mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibious we noticed all at once an odd corral.

This corral was particularly vast and full of diagonal trunks and trees of different kind; I stopped in front of it searching for the “mysterious guest” and after having checked from a side to another, the corral seemed quite empty. 

Suddenly, with a slow and silky movement like an accurate acrobat, I saw climbed down from the highest branch a red animal all hair.. even if he went slow he seemed direct to a bowl full of food. IMG_3647logo

Before reaching the ground, perhaps interested from my presence that continuously staring at him or perhaps afraid (I hope he was not!) he turned his snout toward me.. and it was love at first sight! 

The red panda is a shy and lonely creature and the melancholy impression in his eyes spreads in me these feelings, maybe for this reason I desired to jump on the other side of the corral to cuddle him within my arms like a soft toy. 

See you soon my little bamboo fond friend, I can’t wait to see you again, maybe late in the afternoon when you will be more “dynamic”!

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