Dubai: Souks and Skyscrapers

Dubai.. a journey I remember with nostalgia.

My Dubai memory is of an extravagant city, far from the European lifestyle, excessive, intriguing, surprising.

Today, I’ll talk about a heavenly side of the city, between sand and towering skyscrapers, I’ll describe an afternoon spent at the Madinat Jumeirah Souk.

If you are a curious ant like me desirous to discover the world, you won’t fail visiting the super crowded Dubai Souk. IMG_2640logo

Souks are real markets where you can find all kind of trinkets and where you can feel the real soul of the city.

The most famous Souks of the old Dubai are the spices and gold ones, but also in the modern city you can find others equally interesting, like the Madinat Jumeirah Souk.

My exclamation after my first step inside it was: “wow”!

Dealers full of enthusiasm ready to offer all kinds of products, paying particular attention to the curious eyes of visitors, friendly and affable, born traders.  

This souk is organized like a real village. In addition to a huge variety of shops, there are many restaurants, cafes, art galleries, all enriched by the typical Arabian architecture and by the smells of restaurants.

In the inner courtyard of the Souk, a true oasis. I wanted to take a photo album to remember the surreal landscape, a dream.

You can see a couple of shoots in this post, unfortunately they give just a small idea, but already from these you can guess the magic of that cutout of world.

In the picture background, we can see also the luxurious Burj Al Arab, the most starred Hotel in the world, commonly called “the world’s only 7 stars Hotel”.

Now tell me if I can’t remember this journey with great nostalgia .. I will publish other posts of Dubai, it deserves endless pages..


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